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Clarendon Hills are vineyard and varietal expressionists striving for purity and perfection. We are dedicated to single vineyard terroir wines that rival the best in the world.

Pragmatic scientist turned winemaker, Roman Bratasiuk redefined Australia’s fine wine landscape when he Vision "Roman Bratasiuk is one of
planet earth's greatest winemakers
and must be a top notch viticulturist.."
Robert Parker Jr. The Wine Advocate established Clarendon Hills in 1990. With his bare hands he created wines that spoke of their ancient terroir origin and carved an Australian story along the way.
Old Vine Vineyards McLaren Vale's sub-districts Clarendon, Blewitt Springs and Kangarilla are home to some of the world's oldest vineyards with ages between 80-100 years old. Clarendon Hills wines have a prominence that is derived "Exceptional consistency and quality,
a tribute to the old vines from which
the wines come.."
James Halliday, Wine Companion from its collection of Old VineSingle Vineyard sources across Clarendon, Blewitt Springs and Kangarilla.
Single Stake Vines.. "Roman Bratasiuk is one of
planet earth's greatest winemakers
and must be top notch viticulturist.."
Robert Parker Jr. The Wine Advocate Roman has been in pursuit of the ultimate vineyard his entire life. In 2003, Roman began establishing the Domaine Clarendon Syrah site on the hilltops of Clarendon with a vineyard design unlike any in Australia. His single stake, non-cordon trellis design would convey the terroir with maximum effect. His vision was to forge the ultimate expression of Syrah Terroir. Great wine is always made in the vineyard after all...
Pre-Phylloxera Clones.. In the mid to late 1800's the soil pest Phylloxera ravaged all European Vineyards leaving a path of utter devastation. Luckily, savvy entrepreneurial Europeans like eponymous John Reynell then migrated to South Australia bringing with them pre-phylloxera vine cuttings that were propagated around the hillsides of Reynella, Clarendon and Blewitt Springs. These exceptional vineyards still exist today and South Australia has crucially never had Phylloxera. This is why Roman refers to Clarendon and Blewitt Springs as Jurassic Park, where the dinosaurs still roam. "Roman Bratasiuk is one of planet earth's greatest winemakers and must be a top-notch viticulturist.." Robert Parker Jnr, The Wine Advocate


“We have refined everything we do in the vineyard, in the winery, in the barrel. We are striving for purity and perfection” Roman Bratasiuk The pursuit of perfection.. Clarendon Hills seeks to portray the story of the individual vineyard 'Terroir. It is our belief In every great bottle, the story of vineyard is the most individual, valuable and compelling element. We are dedicated to the pursuit of capturing the ultimate expression of vineyard and variety. Micro-Climate.. McLaren Vale is home to some of the worlds oldest geology that dates between 750-1600 million years old. Adjacent to McLaren Vale is a greater regional proximity to a vast expanse of Southern Ocean which introduces majestic cold fronts and significantly tempers the land mass temperature. The synergy of the ancient land, the Southern Ocean and some of the oldest pre-phylloxera vines on the planet produces extremely high calibre wines.


Slide Clarendon Hills Premier Grand Cru Astralis Syrah is a timeless wine of unbridled power and purity. The Grand
Vin attracts global attention as the ultimate expression of our greatest vineyard. It hails from primordial old
bush vines established in ancient rocky ironstone in 1920. Today Astralis is recognised alongside the world’s
most iconic wines and rated amongst the top 100 wines of the century.
Astralis [ Astralis ] a celestial body; pertaining to the stars; out of this world
Slide We believe this is one of them. Domaine Clarendon is the culmination of an impassioned quest for Australia’s ultimate
Syrah terroir. This spectacular vineyard is the realisation of an enduring dream for acclaimed Clarendon Hills
vigneron Roman Bratasiuk. It brings together knowledge and experience gained over a lifetime in the world of ultra
fine wine. His vision: To forge an iconic single vineyard dedicated to the expression of world class Australian Syrah.
Domaine Clarendon [ Domaine Clarendon] "The greatest Australian terroirs are yet to be discovered" Len Evans

Wild Yeast Fermentation.. Minimal Interventionalist Philosophy.. Focus on Sub-Regional McLaren Vale.. Commitment to quality.. Unfined nor filtered..

Experience Packs

Enclosed in this section are Clarendon Hills tasting experience packages that Roman has personally selected and designed the construction of each experience. Each package contents are specifically assembled and ordered to create thought provoking and highly focused tasting experiences that are geared towards both investigation and also celebration of the best McLaren Vale Terroir.

The superb Clarendon Hills 2016 Onkaparinga Syrah scored 97/100 recently on Jeb Dunnuck dot com. The tremendous 2016 vintage is the latest release and currently available on ...

Calling all Clarendon Hills fans.. we are pleased to offer an Astralis 10 year anniversary pack 2006-2016 for our members only. Please sign up to our mailing list for access to these and many more high scoring wines ...

New release 2017 Domaine Clarendon Syrah and a nice chunk of Comté cheese are proving to be perfect companions for this wintery Saturday afternoon 🍷🍷🍷 ...

@davisandwhitewine doing the business this afternoon with @bradnankervis @dwsaustralia at Alchemy @alchemy_bris restaurant ...

@davisandwhitewine Clarendon Hills Museum Long Lunch about to commence in the lovely city of Brisbane today.. what an exquisite menu David and White have curated and paired to new and old Clarendon Hills vintages 🍷🍷🍷🍷 ...

Huge thanks to @andy__105 for sharing this impressive line up 🍷🍷🍷 ...

Massive thank you to @katrinagrace_foodandwine for sharing an enigmatic Clarendon Hills 2005 Astralis experience. ...

The majestic 1997 Astralis Syrah at 24 years of age is a remarkable expression of autumnal earth, white truffle, Italian leather, gun smoke and polished mahogany across a slightly ‘dolce’ roast hazelnut and coffee grind accent on the totally seamless palate. Effortless in its power and subliminal with its multilayering and endless graceful finish. ...

Big thanks to @juzzysfoodandwine for sharing this lovely Sunday night-in with Domaine Clarendon Grenache 🙌 ...

Sunday long lunch vibes. 97 Chambertin, 03 Calon Segur and 2016 Astralis .. each remarkable in its own way. The Chamby is utterly enigmatic. Multidimensional, richly layered and infinitely nuanced with flinty smoky gunpowder. It is sublime and validates every expectation and then some. 03 Calon is also richly presented and offers mahogany and polished french furniture, across earthy black currant, pencil shavings and creeping baking spice. Got to love warm vintage BDX. While the Astralis is a perfume of unbridled purity with layers of iodine, crushed rock and violet underscored with white truffle, roast hazelnut, espresso creme, black olive tapenade and exotic spice. Light as a feather yet haunting on the finish. ...

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